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A Provider Friendly Program for Iowa

MCNA Dental is a leading dental benefit management company committed to providing high-quality services to state agencies and managed care organizations for their Medicaid, CHIP, and Medicare members. We serve over 5 million children and adults with the singular mission of improving their general health by ensuring access to quality dental care.

MCNA is a current dental benefits administrator for Iowa’s Dental Wellness Program (DWP) for adults. The Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME) is transitioning the administration of children’s Medicaid benefits from Fee for Service to a Managed Care program (DWP Kids) beginning July 1, 2021, and MCNA will be one of the dental benefit administrators for this program.

Need more information? Visit our corporate website at

Provider Network Enrollment

Your dental office may enroll in our Iowa network by following the process below.

  1. Download and read our Provider Welcome Letter.
  2. Download and complete the following forms:
    1. One New Provider Form for each dentist.
    2. One New Location Form for each physical location.
    3. Our Provider Agreement, which includes the Iowa Product Attachment.
    4. The IRS W-9 Form for each physical location.
    5. Our Payment Method Selection Form for each physical location.
  3. Download and review our Iowa DWP Fee Schedule.
  4. Email your completed documents to (file attachment limit of 10MB total per email) or fax to 1-208-298-3844.

If you use CAQH, you may instead complete our Online Credentialing Application which includes all required forms.

Provider Resources and Documents

Latest Provider News

Helping Support Healthy Smiles Across Iowa!

MCNA is proud to collaborate with Iowa dentists to help improve the oral health of children and adults! Through our statewide Smile Tour, we are working to reach Iowans in the communities we serve to share important information about healthy dental habits. The Smile Tour enabled our team members to cover nearly 4,600 miles and visit 19 cities to help spread the word about the value of good oral health and dental benefits through Iowa’s Dental Wellness Program and the DWP Kids program, as well as give people a chance to win fun prizes such as an electronic toothbrush and flosser!

We are proud to organize programs such as the Smile Tour to reach our members and their families in the communities where they live, helping them to maintain or achieve bright, healthy smiles for life!

Returning to the Dentist

MCNA’s Return to Care campaign was designed with our network dental providers in mind, with the goal of helping Iowans to get important dental exams and care. We recognize the dedication and work it takes to get members in to see the dentist for routine preventive care and services, and we want to help!

The Return to Care campaign provides network dental offices with a custom roster of MCNA members assigned to them, or last seen by them, who have not had a dental visit during the past year. To encourage active outreach to help these members get engaged in their care, we increased the reimbursement for select oral exam and preventive service codes for dental providers seeing these members.

Through innovative campaigns like Return to Care, our team works closely with our valued network dental providers to help close gaps in care and improve the oral health of Iowans statewide.

Fee Schedule Increase

We are excited to share with you that we have increased MCNA’s fee schedule to a minimum of 110% of the state Medicaid fee schedule. This increased fee schedule for all services is effective for dates of service starting October 1, 2022. Please click here to read more and learn about additional value based provider incentive payments available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up with MCNA?2021-03-10T11:49:43+00:00

Follow the steps outlined in the above section. If you have questions and would like to speak with an MCNA Dental representative, please call our Provider Hotline at 1-855-856-6262.

What is the average time to complete the MCNA Dental credentialing process?2021-03-31T09:59:14+00:00

Once a complete application is received by MCNA Dental, the average turnaround time is two weeks.

Do I need to be credentialed by MCNA Dental if I am already an Iowa Medicaid provider?2021-03-31T10:00:11+00:00

Yes, providers must complete MCNA Dental’s credentialing process in order to participate in our plan.

Is there a number providers can call with questions about joining MCNA Dental’s network or completing the credentialing application?2021-03-31T10:00:44+00:00

Yes. Contact our Provider Hotline.

How are requests for pre-authorization accepted?2021-04-28T15:16:41+00:00

MCNA Dental has an online Provider Portal where providers can submit requests for pre-authorization. Any supplemental materials such as narratives, charting, or x-rays can be attached and submitted via the Provider Portal. Pre-authorizations may also by submitted electronically through a third-party clearinghouse (please use payor ID 65030), or mailed to MCNA at:

MCNA Dental
Attn: Utilization Management
200 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 500
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

We will honor approved pre-authorizations from another vendor for up to 90 days after a DWP or DWP Kids member enrolls with MCNA.

What is MCNA Dental’s payor ID for electronic submission of claims and pre-authorization requests using a third-party clearinghouse?2020-02-11T11:43:41+00:00

MCNA’s payor ID is 65030.

Does MCNA Dental accept NEA FastAttach?2021-03-31T10:03:04+00:00

MCNA Dental participates as an NEA FastAttach payor. You are able to transmit x-rays, perio charts, narratives, and any other documentation required by MCNA Dental to adjudicate your claim or pre-authorization. Once you transmit your documentation to NEA FastAttach, you can provide your NEA Tracking Number to us when you submit your claim or pre-authorization via MCNA Dental’s online Provider Portal or electronically via your clearinghouse.

Is there a user guide that explains the functions of the Provider Portal?2021-05-17T11:59:53+00:00

Yes, you can download MCNA’s Provider Portal User Guide. We also offer a series of tutorial videos that will walk you through the most important functions of our Provider Portal. To see our videos, go to and click on “Online Provider Portal Tutorial Videos” at the bottom of the screen.

How can I stay current with MCNA news and announcements?2021-03-31T10:07:37+00:00

To stay up-to-date with all MCNA Dental news and announcements, you can periodically check our main news page on

Important news and announcements exclusive to our network providers (including MCNA Dental procedure changes, change in Medicaid/CHIP dental rules, reminders about claims processing guidelines, etc.) will be posted on the main page of the Provider Portal once you log in to your account.

MCNA Dental sends monthly newsletters to all of our providers, delivered right to their email inboxes! These newsletters include the latest updates from MCNA Dental, information about upcoming changes, dental industry news, and much more. To sign up for these email newsletters, log in to the Provider Portal and add your email address to the mailing list.

Provider Training Sessions

MCNA Dental hosts regional training sessions and online webinars to discuss our program and other important information. Please RSVP to reserve your seat at one of our upcoming sessions. To RSVP, email with your name, contact information, and desired session date.

No training sessions are currently scheduled. Please check back soon or contact us to schedule one-on-one training.

MCNA’s Provider Portal

MCNA’s free Provider Portal allows you to quickly verify member eligibility, submit claims and prior-authorizations, manage your office, edit your fee schedules, and more! We welcome you to sign up and create your Provider Portal account today!

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MCNA’s Provider Portal

MCNA’s free Provider Portal allows you to quickly verify member eligibility, submit claims and prior-authorizations, manage your office, edit your fee schedules, and more! We welcome you to sign up and create your Provider Portal account today!

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We are here to help you!

If you have any questions, please call our toll-free Iowa Provider Hotline at:


You can call Monday through Friday, 7 am – 7 pm (excluding national holidays).
If calling after hours, please leave a message for our representatives. Your call will be returned on the next business day.

You can send an email to our Iowa Provider Relations Department at
You can send us postal mail at: MCNA Dental, Attn: Provider Relations, P.O. Box 740370, Atlanta, GA 30374-0370.